About Us - Bhartiya Bhasha, Siksha, Sahitya evam Shodh

Bhartiya Bhasha, Siksha, Sahitya evam Shodh is a multidisciplinary journal that provides a medium for publication of substantial and original articles and reviews which focus on research and development in Language, Education, Science, Society and Culture, National Issues Events, and many more.

This is a unique journal connecting the reflection of the community of Indian Reviewer, Researchers and Thinkers on the public understanding of Research and Culture together. The Journal of Bhartiya Bhasha Siksha, Sahitya evam Shodh is monthly  publication which encompasses all the various types of Cultural and Historical research.

The Journal provides an integrated forum for the presentation of original research articles and thought – provoking reviews to generate innovative ideas in Language, Education, Science, Society and Culture, National Issues, Events and many more research.



1. To provide a venue for dissemination of research outputs and activities in related fields.
2. To train young Researchers to the interdisciplinary skills.
3. To integrate theoretical research with industrial development by giving an organizational frame for carrying out big and integrated projects those are beyond the manpower of single research groups.
4. To disseminate knowledge and results in an efficient manner.
5. To stimulate new research in engineering, computer science and applications.
6. To raise the standard of research globally.


Quick Statistics

Impact Factor* for Year 2012 - 0.78

BBSSES Journals try its best effort for selecting good quality paper to achieve high impact factor.

BBSSES Journals published paper cited highly due to open access publication era and its worldwide indexing.

BBSSES Journals paper citation is increasing day by day. So it is very difficult to calculate exact citation report.

But approx citation report is as follows (it may be vary because it depends on citation of papers):

Authors are requested to cite BBSSES Journals published paper in their articles for improving the quality impact factor.



Number of submissions received - 1032


Number of Papers Published - 309

Volume - 8         Year - 2017  Article Published -   10

Volume - 7         Year - 2016  Article Published -   27

Volume - 6         Year - 2015  Article Published -   50

Volume - 5         Year - 2014  Article Published -   90

Volume - 4         Year - 2013  Article Published -   74

Volume - 3         Year - 2012  Article Published -   30

Volume - 2         Year - 2011  Article Published -   14

Volume - 1         Year - 2010  Article Published -   14